Take a look at some of the projects I have participated in, or created from scratch!

They vary from blogs, to photo shoots and construction projects, and many things in between. — A photography project of the Moscow Metro
While I was teaching English in Moscow during a year of volunteering (see below), I wanted to do something more with my time. The metro stations of Moscow are fascinating, and I wanted to share them with others. — My first attempt at blogging

Unsure of whether or not to complete my university studies at the time, I embarked on a 13 month-long adventure to 13 countries I had never been to before and documented my volunteering along the way.



I believe that sharing what we know and what we do is essential to human evolution and development. As such, I made instructional breakdowns for things that I ended up building or fixing. Individual links to the Instructables are coming soon, but until then please check out my profile if you are curious!

This is just a start! Curious to know more about what is going on in Daniel’s head, just ask!